GitHub Universe 2023 Recap

GitHub Universe 2023 Recap

It's that time of the year again - GitHub Universe season! The annual global event took place IRL(in real life) at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco from November 8th to November 9th, 2023. For those who couldn't make it in person, the event was also streamed virtually.

For those who are unfamiliar with GitHub Universe, it's a yearly gathering of industry experts, developers, and professionals for two days of networking, conversation, and learning about the latest innovations. This year's theme was AI, security, and DevEx, covered in over 80 sessions with 1,000 speakers.

Opening Keynote

On Day 1, GitHub’s CEO, Thomas Dohmke, kicked off the event with an exciting presentation, revealing GitHub's latest advancements and initiatives.

GitHub's journey with generative AI began in 2020 with the Coding Oracle Paper, exploring the potential of OpenAI's GPT-3 model. This led to the development of Copilot, an AI-powered developer tool that has gained widespread adoption, enabling coding to be 55% more productive. Thomas showcased Copilot's evolution beyond code generation, integrating it into various aspects of the developer workflow, from coding to security scanning and pull requests.

During the keynote, Thomas demonstrated Copilot's integration into, which allows users to generate detailed pull request descriptions directly from the editor. Copilot Chat was also integrated into and various IDEs such as Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and JetBrains to provide AI assistance across code editors.

GitHub Copilot's expansion includes Copilot X, Copilot Workspaces, Copilot Enterprise, Copilot Partner Program, Advanced Security, Copilot Chat on mobile, AI-powered regular expression assistants, and integration with external services like LaunchDarkly and Postman. Copilot now provides customization features, allowing organizations to tailor it to their needs.

The keynote also highlighted Accenture's collaboration with GitHub in creating low-latency, interactive user experiences for stateless microservices and integrating Copilot into its automation platforms.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expressed his enthusiasm for GitHub Copilot, emphasizing its transformative impact on his coding experience. He highlighted Copilot's role in reducing drudgery, bringing joy back to coding, and the potential of natural language as a universal programming language.

The keynote concluded with a surprise announcement of a new feature that allows users to edit Copilot's plans, steering it in the right direction for optimal code synthesis, reminiscent of Steve Jobs's famous "One more thing" moments.

So starting from February 2024, GitHub Copilot Enterprise will be generally available for $39 per user per month.

Copilot Enterprise allows developers to onboard quickly, search codebase and documentation, get suggestions based on private code, and review pull requests.

Keynote Day 2: The productivity platform for all developers

GitHub's Chief Product Officer, Inbal Shani, delivered an interesting keynote speech on the second day of the event, emphasizing GitHub's mission to build the best developer tools and empower users in software development.

Inbal discussed the increasing importance of AI across the software development lifecycle, and how GitHub is focused on meeting developer needs at every step. She highlighted the benefits of an AI-powered developer experience and GitHub's plans to provide an efficient workflow that not only serves as a business asset but also makes developers happy and addresses the world's toughest problems.

She also explained how GitHub's collaboration features, such as pull requests and discussions, simplify project management and enable scaling for distributed teams.

The keynote session also focused on GitHub's advanced security features, such as code scanning and dependency scanning, which have contributed to fixing 32 million security issues in 2023. This highlighted the importance of secure software development.

Automation was another key focus, with GitHub Actions helping developers automate workflows, reduce cognitive load, and improve efficiency. GitHub has introduced the new M1 Mac OS larger runners, which enable faster build times and improved scalability.

In the keynote, Inbal reiterated the importance of GitHub's commitment to collaboration and security, with features and tools for project planning and tracking. Advanced security features such as code scanning, secret scanning, and supply chain security contribute to fixing security vulnerabilities 7x faster than the industry average. Dependency scanning is made available cost-free to the open-source community to enhance the safety of applications using open-source.

She also highlighted GitHub's compliance controls for organizations, repositories, and users, which enable administrators to manage their GitHub footprint effectively. Granular access permissions and roles are leveraged to provide better control over access and permissions for repositories. These are made possible with the Enterprise identity integration and features for GitHub Enterprise Server.

Finally, Inbal shared GitHub's initiatives for open-source support, including GitHub Sponsors, GitHub Student Developer Pack, and making Copilot free for teachers, students, and maintainers. This demonstrated GitHub's commitment to supporting the developer community and education.

GitHub Awards 2023

At the event, exceptional projects and individuals in the GitHub Open Source community were recognized and celebrated for their contributions and achievements that have positively impacted the developer community.

The awards were presented across several categories, including Open Source, Education, Customer, and GitHub Stars.

GitHub Certification Testing

During the event, attendees were able to take the exclusive beta GitHub certification exams in person. Those who passed received an Official GitHub Certification in Foundations, Actions, Advanced Security, and Administration.

This certificate is industry-endorsed and demonstrates proficiency with GitHub technologies. It is also complementary to Microsoft's existing role-based certifications, which validate knowledge of foundational DevOps and cloud development concepts.

The certification program is expected to be generally available in early 2024.

Takeaways from GitHub Universe 2023

The GitHub Universe 2023 event was not just a showcase of cutting-edge technologies; it was an invitation to the global developer community to actively engage in the future of software development. The event called developers to action, urging them to explore the newly unveiled GitHub Copilot features, customize them to organizational needs, and contribute to the ever-expanding ecosystem. As we move beyond the event's confines, it's important to stay connected. GitHub encourages event attendees and enthusiasts alike to join community forums, participate in open-source projects, and leverage the recently introduced Copilot API. Embrace the collaborative spirit that GitHub Universe fosters by following GitHub's social media channels, tuning into webinars, and participating in ongoing discussions. The journey doesn't end here; it evolves with each line of code, and GitHub ensures you're part of the narrative.

You can watch the online live stream at your convenience on the Official GitHub Universe website.

Mark your calendars for GitHub Universe 2024, which will take place in San Francisco, CA on October 29-30, 2024. Presale tickets are currently 60% off until November 17, 2023, so don't miss out!